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Secede Medallion Coffee Mug


We Make Coffee Cups?

If you're into ceramic coffee mugs, you're pretty old school. Ever heard of Yeti? That's a Texas company that makes some badass cups. I'm not sure how this got here, but I'm gonna order one just to try it out. Don't think I'm gaming the system if you see owner reviewing his own products. If you want an old school ceramic coffee mug, who are we to deny you. MATACA and the Lone Star Lifestyle are all about freedom and liberty.

  • Ceramic.
  • Cup.
  • Fillable / Refillable.
  • Dishwasher and Microwave safe / Not "Toaster-safe".
  • White and glossy out of the box, but we can't guarantee what happens if you leave it full of coffee on your desk every weekend.