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Make Texas A Country Again / MATACA - Red Computer / Cooler Sticker


Make Texas a Country Again, that's what MATACA stands for! If that's what you stand for, Let's Light This Candle!

It all started with a sticker... You've got their attention, let them know what your thinking. Right there, in BIG, BOLD letters. Start the Texas  Revolution 2.0 with our classic red and white sticker. Brand your car, computer, cooler, or favorite pet* with a view whose time has come!

*Just kidding about the pets, obviously a judgement call on your part, but our dogs seem to swell up with pride when we put a hat or sticker on them.

All of our stickers are printed on high quality, laminated vinyl. They're not supposed to fade, but in full disclosure, the Texas sun can be pretty brutal, so maybe you should buy 2.

4x2 inches